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Fact Sheet

Chronic Food Insecurity in Tigray: Ethiopian region of Tigray has unfortunately been food insecure before the law enforcement operation has begun and an estimated 1.8 million people were under the safety program. The conflict exacerbated the already  tenuous situation in the region 

Key Point - 2

 Damaged Infrastructure Hampering Emergency Response: Emergency              response efforts were impacted, and certain areas of the region were inaccessible due to damaged infrastructure by the retreating TPLF forces (roads were damaged, bridges bombed, electricity was cut etc.)

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Key Point - 3

Security issues affecting access now resolved: The ongoing operation to apprehend the TPLF leaders impeded mobility due to security and some areas remained inaccessible until January 2021. All secure areas across the region are now accessible to all responders.  At present more than 30 humanitarian organizations and international media are on the ground providing emergency response and reporting on the ground. 

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Key Point - 5

Due to an ongoing misinformation by TPLF sympathizers (in diaspora) and the feeling of insecurity created by criminal activities in Tigray region), people in need of support are not freely going to distribution centers to get their rations from the distribution centers   

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